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Marriages are Made In Heaven But are Celebrated On Earth. is a matchmaking / marriage Pakistani Website, designed to bring to you a number of choices in selecting a life partner. We have put the power to choose back in the hands of the individuals who want to marry. Whether it is for you or you are registering on behalf of your children/siblings, we invite you to browse through the largest directory of candidates seeking rishta in Pakistan for FREE.

Naheed Kanwal, 23 years old, Larkana, Pakistan
Mathira Pathan, 27 years old, Bountiful, USA
Raina Syeda, 21 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
Shahbaz, 22 years old, Gojra, Pakistan
Shahid Khan, 25 years old, Mastung, Pakistan
Beauty, 30 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
DaNish Nawaz, 20 years old, Pattoki, Pakistan
zaraali12, 33 years old, Hialeah, USA
Muhammad Tahir Shehzad, 29 years old, Mitha Tiwana, Pakistan
Sumera Hameed, 29 years old, Alipur, Pakistan
Saleha Asraf, 27 years old, Bountiful, USA
Azfar Shaikh, 22 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
Osama, 33 years old, Mitha Tiwana, Pakistan
Zameer Malik, 36 years old, Manama, Bahrain
muhammad shah alam, 35 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
Zaryab Waleed, 34 years old, Larkana, Pakistan
Madiha Naveed, 34 years old, Tash-Kumyr, Kyrgyzstan
Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui, 43 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
Zean Shah, 38 years old, Mithi, Pakistan
Ishrar Ahmed, 24 years old, Sambrial, Pakistan
Jasmeen Kanwal, 28 years old, Karachi, Pakistan
Iqbal awan, 23 years old, Gojra, Pakistan
Areesha, 25 years old, Karachi, Pakistan
Asad Sheikh, 26 years old, Larkana, Pakistan
faisal muhammad hassan, 40 years old, Sukheke Mandi, Pakistan
Imran Ali Memon, 30 years old, Larkana, Pakistan
Umair Tariq, 30 years old, Jaranwala, Pakistan
Aqsa Shaikh, 24 years old, Larkana, Pakistan
Wahabali, 27 years old, Sialkot, Pakistan
Shahzaib Nawab, 28 years old, Owando, Republic of the Congo